Episode 10

Published on:

21st Mar 2021

Dr. Lois Dodds on Pandemic Emotions

Dr. Lois Dodds director of Heartstreams Resources joins us on the podcast today for a valuable and pertinent conversation on the Pandemic and our Emotions. Dr. Dodds provides deep insight for us.

You can find more resources and the book Pandemic Emotions by Dr. Dodds at:


COVID Comfort- Prelude to Heaven


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Aaron started his career as a registered nurse in 1998, following his nursing education at Allegany College of Maryland. While working as a registered nurse in Lakeland, FL, Aaron completed another facet of his education at Southeastern Bible College in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in Missions and Cross Cultural Studies. In 2006, Aaron furthered his training in nursing to receive his Nurse Practitioner degree in Family Practice from Graceland University. He received his Doctorate in Nursing Practice from West Virginia University in 2013. His current credentials are APRN-BC, DNP which stands for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – Board Certified, Doctor of Nursing Practice. More recently, Aaron completed his Master's in Business Administration from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

Aaron began his work as a medical missionary in 2002, first in Burkina Faso and more recently in Madagascar. In Madagascar, he treats impoverished patients for general medical conditions as well as dermatology, traveling throughout the country by helicopter and with his mobile clinic. Dermatologic care in rural Madagascar was virtually non-existent prior to Aaron’s arrival in the capital city of Antananarivo. Aaron has used his expertise to provide health education to patients, teach in nursing schools and train local Malagasy physicians on evidence based treatment of tropical skin diseases, including chromoblastomycosis and leprosy. While there, he independently has also undertaken a medical trial to treat a rare dermatologic condition called chromoblastomycosis. His work provides him with a unique set of skills and expertise.